75% of customers are willing to SPEND MORE to buy from businesses

that give them a good customer experience. - Zendesk CX Trends Report

Ready to outsource your customer service?

Our team delivers an exceptional customer experience with 24 hour turnaround times to respond to common customer service issues.

We will engage your customers, address questions or concerns, and close the loop via:

  • email tickets
  • online chats
  • review moderation
  • social media

We can help manage customer issues, like:

  • exchanges
  • lost/damaged shipments
  • defective complaints
  • and other general inquiries

We are experienced with using the following platforms to engage with customers and resolve issues:

  • Freskworks/Freshdesk for email ticket management
  • Zendesk for email ticket management
  • Tidio for online chat management
  • Shopify for order, discount code and gift card management
  • Yotpo for customer review moderation and customer referral system management
  • Route Package Protection for shipping insurance

We also provide monthly robust reports and customer survey insights to highlight processes and systems in need of optimization to elevate your customers’ overall experience with your brand.

Let our team support your customer acquisition efforts by boosting your customer retention rate for customers who report an issue.

Businesses can grow revenues between 4% and 8% above their market when prioritizing better customer service experiences. (Bain & Company)
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If the company’s customer service is excellent,

78% of consumers will do business with them again AFTER A MISTAKE.
- Salesforce Research